Great Plains Bicycling Club is a social club that promotes safe recreational bicycling in and around Lincoln, Nebraska. We organize free, informal club rides on weekends and weekday evenings on the roads and bike trails in and around the city from March to October each year. We try to set up our noncompetitive club rides with varying distances and speeds to accommodate cyclists with a range of fitness level and time. We also conduct several fully supported day rides each year that are open to the public upon payment of a registration fee.

GPBC also provides planning and support for community activities relating to safe bicycling. For the past several years we have held a Lincoln edition of the international Ride of Silence in May to honor persons injured or killed in automobile/bicycle accidents and to raise public awareness of the need for motorists and cyclists to “share the road”. We set up an information booth at many family-oriented recreational events around Lincoln to promote bicycle safety and educate children about the “rules of the road”. Club members have also participated in public efforts to promote bicycling as an alternative means of transportation in Lincoln.

GPBC members in good standing are eligible for a 10% discount on purchases of bike accessories from participating bike shops in Lincoln and Omaha. Details


Now that you’ve read all about our club, don’t you want to join? You’ll receive club e-mails and notices, be invited to attend club events, have voting rights to elect the club board of directors, and have the opportunity to propose and lead club rides.

Annual membership dues are only $30 for a Individual Membership and $40 for a Family membership. Membership renewals are due by March 1st each year.  You can join GPBC or renew your membership on our Membership page on this website (preferred).  You can also download a membership application and mail it to:

Great Plains Bicycling Club
P.O. Box 5621
Lincoln, NE 68505


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Great Plains Bicycling Club is a Nebraska nonprofit corporation with Federal tax exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(4), social welfare organization. Club affairs are managed by the Board of Directors elected by the membership at the annual meeting in November. Club officers are elected by the Board of Directors.

GPBC Bylaws (PDF)

Officers and Board of Directors

President Edie Matteson
Vice President Dan Leger email
Treasurer Marianne Day email
Secretary; Assistant Treasurer; Webmaster Randy Smith email 402-438-8942
Board Member John LeDuc email
Board Member Mark St. Clair email
Board Member Brian Dohmen email

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly, typically on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. Board meetings are held at locations to be announced for each meeting. Club members are welcome to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, but only board members are eligible to vote. Board meetings are sometimes rescheduled for a different week or night, so if you wish to attend, please contact a board member to confirm the date and time of the next meeting.

Minutes of Board Meetings


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Club History

Early records of the club are somewhat sketchy, but Great Plains Bicycling Club has been in existence at least since 1980, and was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1990. The club has always organized rides for club members and had some role in advocating for bicycling and bicycle safety. The balance between riding and advocacy has shifted over the years according to the makeup of the Board of Directors. The current Board of Directors intends to support members with a range of interests in recreational cycling.