Club Ride Schedule

Listed below are the upcoming rides sponsored by the Great Plains Bicycling Club as well as other local weekly rides. Regularly scheduled club rides typically start around St. Patrick’s Day (mid-March) and continue into November. We also usually have a short ride on New Years Day. All of our rides are non-competitive, recreational rides. For information about a particular ride please contact the listed ride leader.
We sponsor:

  • weekly training and social rides, mostly leaderless rides in the evening
  • rides proposed and led by a club member. We encourage any club member to propose and lead a club ride. If you’d like to, please contact any member of the Ride Committee.

We like to schedule a variety of member-led rides. Most of these are longer rides on Saturday or Sunday that may include a stop for a meal and bull session. These longer rides may be on area roads and highways, on area recreational trails, or gravel roads. But we also like to schedule shorter rides such as city trail rides, “ice cream” rides, and night “Full Moon” rides. But we are open to your suggestions of route, theme, pace, etc.

Rides sponsored by other organizations in the area are listed on the Other Area Rides page.

Please note that helmets are required on all club rides.

Date Time Ride Description Leader Distance
August 21 (Tuesday) 5:30 pm Nacho Ride
Weekly Ride: See below for full details...
None 20 mi
September 1 (Saturday) 7:30 am Trail Ride to Beatrice (No Drop)
Meet at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo parking lot – directly East of Sunken Gardens. Head South on the Rock Island Trail to Densmore Park and the Cooper YMCA. Then south on 14th St. where we will catch the end of the Jamaica Trail North which will then turn into Homestead Trail headed South. Will ride into Cortland and make a pit stop there for those that want to turn around, drink, expel bodily fluids, than will continue heading South to Beatrice. Will stop for something to eat and head back. I won’t plan on the dining place since last year when I planned ahead, the place had a fire and burned the kitchen! We ate at different locations which worked out just fine. We will simply designate a meeting time to get back on the trail head out of Beatrice after everyone rests and gets something to eat.
Gina Simanek 50 to 80 mi


Descriptions of Regular Weekly Club Rides

Day Time Ride Description Leader Distance
Tuesday 5:30 pm Nacho Ride
This is a leaderless social ride every Tuesday between May 8th and September 25th. Start at the MoPac Trailhead on 84th St and take the MoPac Trail to Bailey's Local in Eagle for food/beverages/socializing. Join the first ride group leaving at 5:30 pm or ride out with others at a time convenient to you. Beginning riders may choose to start at Walton (7 miles to Eagle) or at 144th Street for a 3 mile ride. Theme ride nights are July 3rd, 24th, and Aug 27th. Look twice before crossing A St and Hwy 34 on the trail. Bring a bike light in case you stay late. Helmets required.
None 20 mi