Lincoln, Nebraska Bicycling Ordinances

Nebraska Statutes Pertaining to Bicycles

Nebraska laws applicable to bicycles and bicycling are found in Chapter 60 of the Nebraska Revised Statues in the sections linked below.

NOTE: The on-line versions of Sections 6,153; 6,154; and 6,317 have not been updated to include revisions due to the passage in April 2016 of LB 716. Those revisions go into effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session, but it may be some time before the on-line text of these sections is updated. Please check the text of LB 176 for the revisions to these sections.

Bicycle Defined: (Section 611)

Overtaking and passing rules; vehicles proceeding in same direction (Section 6,133)

Riding on Highway Shoulders (Section 6,142)

Restrictions on use of controlled-access highways (Section 6,144)

Vehicle entering roadway from private road or driveway; yield right-of-way (Section 6,149)

Pedestrians’ right-of-way in crosswalk; traffic control devices (Section 6,153)

Crossing at other than crosswalks; yield right-of-way (Section 6,154)

Hand and arm signals (Section 6,163)

Nebraska Rules of the Road; applicability to persons operating bicycles (Section 6,314)

Riding of bicycles; prohibited acts (Section 6,315)

Bicycles; clinging to vehicles; prohibited (Section 6,316)

Bicycles on roadways and bicycle paths; general rules; regulation by local authority (Section 6,317)

Equipment on bicycles; lights; brakes (Section 6,318)

Bicycles; reflective device or material; retail sale; requirements; violation; penalty (Section 6,319)