Looking for a recreational cycling route in the Lincoln area? Listed here are some of the routes used for club rides by the Great Plains Bicycling Club. The list is divided into separate sections for road rides and trail/gravel road rides and ordered by ride distance. For club members interested in leading a club ride, we hope this list gives you some ideas for potential routes.

Road and Paved Trail Rides

Ride Description Distance
Pancake Ride
Start at the Lincoln Children's Zoo (27th & 'A' St). Ride south on the Rock Island Trail then east on the Boosalis (Hyw 2) trail to Old Cheney Rd. Cross Hwy 2 and continue east to Greenfield's Pancake House at 87th St for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The return ride has 2 options. Option 1 reprises the outbound route (17 miles). Option 2 returns to Old Cheney Rd, east a few blocks to 70th, then north on the 70th St trail to Holmes Lake Park and return to the Zoo via the Billy Wolff Trail (20 miles).
17 or 20 miles
Roca Rollers Ride
Start at the ballfields on the east side of Holmes Lake Park. Ride the trail southeast to Hwy 2. Continue east on Hwy 2 to Bennet Corner then Hwy 43 south to Roca Road. Proceed west on Roca Road and enjoy the nice Roca Rollers until reaching Hwy 77.  Head north on Hwy 77 back to Lincoln.    
32 miles
Holmes Lake – Eagle Loop
Start at the Holmes Lake Park ballfield off 70th St and Normal Blvd. Ride south on the 70th St trail to Hwy 2. Follow Hwy 2 east past Bennet to Hwy 43 north; proceed north on Hwy 43 to Eagle. Take U.S. 34 (O Street) west back to Lincoln. Return to Holmes Lake Park via the 84th St bike trail.
34 Miles
Wilber Ride
Meet at the Shell station on Saltillo and Hwy 77. Ride south on Hwy 77 to Hwy 41, west to Wilber, north on Hwy 103 to Crete, east on Hwy 33, back to Hwy 77, north to Saltillo. All roads are shouldered except for 15 miles on Hwy 41. Possible lunch in Crete.
60 miles
Ding-A-Ling Ride
Start at the now-defunct Ding-A-Ling Bar in Raymond (14630 North 1st). Head east on Raymond Rd, north on North 14th St, then west on County Rd A400 to Hwy 79. Ride one flat mile north on Hwy 79, then west on Hwy 66 to Dwight, where lunch is available at the Tom-Tom Bar and Grill. Return via the same route, which involves lots of rolling hills. Except for Hwy 66, the roads on the route do not have shoulders.
60 Miles
Roca-Firth Ride
Start at the bench behind Shopko, 27th & Hwy 2. Follows the Tierra/Williamsburg Trail through Williamsburg and under Pine Lake Road to Cavett School. At the trail end turn left (east) on San Mateo St a few blocks to S 40th. Take S 40th and Yankee Hill south then east to 56th. South on 56th to Saltillo, then a short jog west to S 54th and south to Roca Rd. Follow Roca Rd east to Hwy 43. Proceed south to Firth Road, then west to Firth and a rest stop. Continue west to Hwy 77, then north to Saltillo Road on Hwy 77, picking-up S 14th Street to the Rock Island trail and back to Shopko. The route has many small to medium rolling hills on Roca, Bennet, and Firth Roads, and both shouldered and non-shouldered roads.
54 Miles
Bohemian Alps Ride
Start at the Wigwam Café, 146 E. 5th St., Wahoo Nebraska (about 31 miles north and east of downtown Lincoln via Hwy 77). Proceed north from Wahoo on Hwy 109 through Colon to Cedar Bluffs. Head west on County Rd X to Hwy 79, which in 2 miles curves south. Proceed on Hwy 79 through Prague to Hwy 92; turn left (east) and return to Wahoo.
52 miles
Crete Ride
Start at the Lincoln Children's Zoo (27th & 'A' St). Follow the Rock Island Trail and 14th St south to Saltillo Rd and jog west to Hwy 77. Highway 77 to Sprague Road, then west to Crete (lunch available in Crete). Return via Hwy 33 to Hwy 77 to return back to Children's Zoo via the Rock Island Trail. Highways 77 and 33 have shoulders, other roads without shoulders have fairly low traffic count.
50 Miles
Fallbrook Seward Ride
Start at "Toast", a coffee shop/bar at 570 Fallbrook Blvd. Ride on Hwy 34 west to Seward and return. Hwy 34 has a shoulder and provides terrain varying from flat to rolling hills.
45 Miles
Mahoney-Ceresco-Ashland Ride
Start at Mahoney City Park in Lincoln just west of the softball fields. Ride to the west park entrance, north on 70th St, then west on Fletcher St to Hwy 77. Take Hwy 77 north to Ceresco, then proceed east to Ashland via County Rd A and Ashland Rd. In Ashland ride south on 14th St to Hwy 6. Return to Lincoln on Hwy 6 to 70th St and south to Mahoney Park. Lunch is available in Ashland. Hwy 77 and 66 are shouldered; the other portions of the route are 2-lane with low to moderate traffic volume.
60 Miles
Platte River Bridge Ride
Start at Mahoney City Park in Lincoln just west of the softball fields. Ride north on 84th St, then east on Hwy 6 to the Gretna interchange. Take Hwy 31 south past Schramm Part to the Platte River bridge, cross the bridge, then turn right (west) on Hwy 66 and ride to Ashland. From Ashland follow Hwy 6 back to Mahoney City Park. Hwy 6 offers a shoulder and Hwys 31 and 66 are two lanes with low traffic volume.
62 Miles
Highway 2 Century to Nebraska City
Start at the Lincoln Children's Zoo (27th & 'A' St). Ride south on the Rock Island Trail then east on the Boosalis (Hwy 2) Trail to Old Cheney Rd. Cross the highway and proceed east on Hwy 2 to Nebraska City. At the Hwy 75 interchange on the west side of town, take Business Hwy 2 into town. Once in Nebraska City, jog a few blocks north for lunch at Johnny's Corner Cafe at 600 Central Avenue. Return to Lincoln by the same route. This makes a good early-season century, as the grades on the highway are gradual and there is a shoulder all the way.
100 Miles
Adams Ride
Start at the Lincoln Children's Zoo (27th & 'A' St). Ride south on the Rock Island Trail to Densmore Park, then 14th St to Saltillo Rd and jog west to Hwy 77. Proceed south on the highway and exit at the Hwy 33 interchange ("Crete Corner"). Turn left (east) and ride Roca Rd through Roca and on to Hwy 43. Turn south there and ride to Adams for lunch and return.
75 Miles
Zoo – Eagle Loop
Start at Lincoln Children’s Zoo parking lot (27th & A St). Ride south on the Rock Island Trail and then east on the Hwy 2 Trail to 56th Street. From there, continue east on Hwy 2 to the Hwy 43 north intersection. Ride north on Hwy 43 through rolling hills to Eagle. Return to Lincoln on Hwy 34 (MoPac east as an alternative for those so inclined). At 84th St., pick up the MoPac Trail and ride it to Peter Pan Park. Return to the Zoo via neighborhood streets. Hwy 2 and 34 are shouldered, Hwy 43 is not but has low to moderate traffic volume.
45 Miles
Fallbrook Branched Oak Lake Loop
Start at "Toast", a coffee shop/bar at 570 Fallbrook Blvd. Ride on Hwy 34 to old Malcolm Road then north, around Branched Oak Lake and back on Hwy 79 and 34. The loop around the lake can be done either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on wind and rider preference. Hwy 34 & 79 have shoulders, other roads on the route do not have shoulders but have fairly low traffic volume.
35 Miles
Cortland and Back
Start at the parking lot at the Lincoln Children's Zoo (27th & A St) and follow the Rock Island Trail and 14th St to Saltillo Road, jog west and then south on Hwy 77 to Cortland and return. Hwy 77 has a shoulder, 14th Street does not.
40 Miles
Leisurely City Circle Tour
Start at Oak Lake Park parking lot (off Charleston St). Proceed east on Charleston and New Hampshire Streets, then south on the Antelope Valley Trail, and east on the MoPac Trail towards the 84th MoPac Trailhead. At the intersection of Sycamore Dr and the MoPac Trail, the route takes several quiet residential streets through Wedgewood and Trendwood neighborhoods ambling south to East Van Dorn, then west to Holmes Lake to pick up the Billy Wolfe Trail and Antelope Valley trails back to Oak Lake.
18 Miles
Denton Loop
Meet at the Lincoln Children's Zoo. Ride south on the Rock Island Trail to Old Cheney Road.  Follow Old Cheney 2 blocks west to Warlick Blvd.  Ride on the Warlick Blvd shoulder to Hwy 77.  Take Hwy 77 north to West Van Dorn Ave. Go west on West Van Dorn Ave to SW 84th Street, then go south to Denton.  Take a quick break at the convenience store in Denton.  Ride east on West Denton Rd back to Hwy 77, then follow Warlick Blvd, Old Cheney, and the Rock Island Trail back to the start.
31 mi

Trail and Gravel Road Rides

Ride Description Distance
Blanchard and Back on the Wabash Trace
Ride the full length of the Wabash Trace Nature Trail, from Council Bluffs, IA to Blanchard, MO and return. Pass through the towns of Mineola, Silver City, Malvern, Imogene, Shenandoah, and Coin. For information about the trail, go tohttp://www.wabashtrace.org/. Directions: The ride starts at Trailhead Park in Council Bluffs. From Lincoln, take I-80 East through Omaha across the Missouri River into Council Bluffs. After about 3 miles, exit to I-29 South and be ready to exit again almost immediately. Take Exit 47, which is Hwy 275. Stay on Hwy 275, which makes a right turn after perhaps a mile. Continue past Iowa School for the Deaf (on the left) and look for the trailhead parking lot on the right.
126 Miles
MoPac Ride to Eagle
Start at the Jayne Snyder Trail Center, 21st and Q Streets. Ride on the MoPac and MoPac East Trails to Eagle and back.
25 Miles
Oak Creek Trail Ride
Start at the trailhead in Valparaiso. Ride the trail to Brainard then return to Valparaiso. Lunch is available at the bar in Brainard.
26 Miles
Rough Ride to Weeping Water
Start at the MoPac Trailhead on 84th St and ride east through Elmwood and then north out of town to Fletcher Ave. Ride east on Fletcher Ave into Weeping Water. Lunch will be in Weeping water before starting back to Lincoln. We will be taking 144th St (State Spur 13J) south to Adams St, then west back to the MoPac trail to Lincoln. Link to route map.
55 Miles
Jamaica/Homestead Trail to Roca
Meet in the parking lot at Oak Lake Park (off Charleston St). Ride south on the Jamaica and Homestead trails to Roca Road at a leisurely pace. Return by the same route for a distance of 26 miles.
26 Miles
Beatrice Trail Ride
Meet at Van Dorn St. and Park Blvd. near the east end of the Bison Trail and Salt Creek Levee Trail. Park on either the northeast or southeast side of the intersection. Ride south on the Jamaica North and Homestead Trails to Beatrice and back.
80 Miles
Wabash Trace Century
A relatively easy century on the beautiful Wabash Trace Nature Trail. Meet at the Wabash Trace parking lot ("Trail Head Park") in Council Bluffs, Iowa. To get there from Lincoln, take I-80 East through Omaha and across the Missouri River into Council Bluffs. After about 3 miles, this splits into I-80 East and I-29 South. Take I-29 South, but be ready to exit almost immediately. Take exit 47, which is Highway 275. Stay on Highway 275,which makes a right hand turn after perhaps a mile and look for a parking lot for the Wabash Trail on the right. We'll ride through Mineola, Silver City, Malvern, Imogene and Shenandoah. Continue past Shenandoah about 5 miles to the 50 mile point, and then turn around. Stop for lunch in Shenandoah at the depot, with other rest stops as needed.
100 Miles