Heatstroke 100


Hot and humid in August? You bet! But Nebraska cyclists have endured the heat and pedaled in scorching sun time and time again. What better way to beat the heat than to ride in the Heatstroke 100 — if you dare! (Just be sure to take advantage of the SAG stops along the way!)

The 2018 Heatstroke 100 ride was held Sunday August 26th.

The ride will start at the same location as last year, at the Sesostris Shrine, 1050 Saltillo Road (located on the frontage road on the west side of Hwy 77 on the southwest edge of Lincoln). Due to road construction on Hwy 77, the routes and distances will be modified this year.

The 2018 Heatstroke will provide several road routes with distances between 38 and 103 miles. Road routes will be on shouldered and unshouldered roads between Sesostris Shrine, Crete, Wilber, Dorchester, and Milford. SAG stops and roving SAGs will be provided. All road routes include a ride to Crete and a SAG stop at the intersection of Hwy 33/103 on the west side of town (to Crete via Sprague Road, return via Hwy 33).

39 mile route: to intersection of Hwy 33/103 on west side of Crete (SAG stop) and return
53 mile route: 39-mile route and west to Dorchester and return
60 mile route: 39-mile route and south to Wilber and return
75 mile route: 39-mile route, west to Dorchester, north to Milford, return south to Hwy 33 and Crete
Century route (103 miles): 39 mile route + Wilber out-back + Dorchester and Milford loop.

A gravel route that includes the SAG stops is available on-line.

Download Heatstroke Road Route Maps for Printing (PDF Files)

Heatstroke 100 Century Route Map

Heatstroke Other Road Routes (75, 60, 53, and 38 miles)