GPBC Club Ride Schedule

Listed below are the upcoming club rides sponsored by the Great Plains Bicycling Club. Regularly scheduled club rides typically start around St. Patrick's Day (mid-March) and continue into November. We also usually have a short ride on New Years Day. All of our rides are non-competitive, recreational rides. For information about a particular ride please contact the listed ride leader.

We sponsor:

We like to schedule a variety of member-led rides. Most of these are longer rides on Saturday or Sunday that may include a stop for a meal and bull session. These longer rides may be on area roads and highways, on area recreational trails, or gravel roads. But we also like to schedule shorter rides such as city trail rides, "ice cream" rides, and night "Full Moon" rides. But we are open to your suggestions of route, theme, pace, etc.

Rides sponsored by other organizations in the area are listed on the Other Area Rides page.

Please note that helmets are required on all club rides.

Date Time Ride Description Leader Distance
Sep 29 (Monday) 6:00 pm Trails Center Slow and Go City Trail Ride
Meet at the Jayne Snyder Trails Center (250 N 21 St). City trail ride with paces between 10 - 14 mph and route decided by the riders who show. Ride should return in daylight
Sep 29 (Monday) 6:00 pm Bike Rack No-Drop Road Ride
Meet at Bike Rack, 33rd & Pioneers for a no-drop road ride with route determined by the riders (typically determined by wind direction). Full description....
20 to 30 mi
Sep 30 (Tuesday) 5:30 pm Last Nacho Ride
Weekly social ride on the Mo Pac East Trail to Eagle. The Nacho Riders will show their Husker pride by riding in their Husker colors. This is the last Nacho ride of the season. Full description...
20 miles
Oct 2 (Thursday) 5:30 pm No Drop Ride
Meet at the Lincoln Children's Zoo for a no-drop, easy pace road ride with route depending on the wind. Bike light required.
Scott Braly
25 mi

Descriptions of Regular Weekly Club Rides

Date Time Ride Description Leader Distance
Mondays 6:00 pm Bike Rack No Drop Ride
Meet at Bike Rack, 33rd & Pioneers for a no-drop road ride with route determined by the riders (typically determined by wind direction). Some evenings the riders stop for refreshments on the way back. Riders are required to sign a waiver that ALL riders are acting on their own and that The Bike Rack is not liable for people's actions or riding styles/injuries etc. Bike Rack will post any updates on the Bike Rack Facebook page.
None 20 to 30 miles
Tuesdays 5:30 pm or after Nacho Ride
This is a leaderless social ride. Start at the MoPac Trailhead on 84th St. Take the MoPac Trail to the "One Eyed Dog Saloon" in Eagle (540 S 4th St). Eat, drink and enjoy the company of other cyclists. Join the first ride group leaving at 5:30 or ride out with others at a time convenient to you. Some riders may choose to start at Walton (14 mile ride). Look twice before crossing A St. on the trail.
None 20 miles
Wednesdays 6:00 pm Show & Go Ride
Training ride with paces 15 mph and above. Just show up and ride with your friends, current and to be discovered! Riders will meet at the bench on the north side of the bridge over Hwy 2 along the Rock Island Trail (approximately 27th & Hwy 2). A riding direction will be selected at the start point with consideration of wind direction (the goal: ride out against and return with the wind. Ride will depart promptly at 6:00 p.m. We will ride and return in daylight. This means that for the first few weeks the ride duration will be between 1 and 1½ hours as sunset is around 7:30 pm. This is a road ride. There may be one, or 2 paces depending on the mix of riders who show up. (A) Pace (15 to 17 mph) and (B) Pace (18 to 20+ mph). All riders will leave together at easy/moderate pace until out of town, then the ride can separate into groups. The distance, direction, and ride leader for each group will be decided each night depending on who and how many show up.
TBD by riders